Meet the Leaders

Meet the Leaders

Mouse (Mary)

Mouse has been involved in Bournville Scouts since 2008, mainly with the Scout and Beaver sections before starting the Squirrel Drey. She joined Scouts while at university; before that she had been involved in Guides since being a Brownie, and was a Rainbow and Guide Leader.

Hedgehog (Amy)

Hedgehog is Assistant Leader at Squirrels. She has been involved in Scouting since the Squirrel Drey began in 2022 and absolutely loves it! As a young person, Hedgehog was a Brownie and Guide and has been a Rainbow leader too!

Butterfly (Karen)

Butterfly has been involved in Bournville Scouts since January 2018. She began her journey as an Assistant Beaver Leader while simultaneously embarking on her own children’s scouting journey within the group. In 2021, she transitioned to the Cubs section as an occasional helper, and she has since contributed across various sections before finding her place as an Assistant Squirrel Leader
within the Squirrel Drey in January 2023. Additionally, Butterfly has a background in both Brownies and Girl Guides.

Rabbit (Ruth)

Rabbit is a Drey Assistant. She has been volunteering for Scouts since 2021, when the Cub Pack was in need of regular parent help until more leaders came on board. When her own twin Squirrels left the Drey for the Beaver Colony, she decided to switch from Cubs to Squirrels, so as not to miss out on all the fun! In the 1990s she was involved in Girl Guiding as a Brownie and a Guide.