Trip to Northfield Fire Station

Just before the summer holidays, on our last Squirrels session of term, we swapped from our usual location at the Scout hut to a Fire Station. There was much excitement on display from the Squirrels as we entered the building and met the evening shift crew at Northfield Fire Station.

First we stood around in the circle out in the back yard, and Butterfly read a book all about firefighters to us. Then the epic fun began! All the Squirrels were given the chance to hold the hose and knock over a cone across the yard, with the help of one of the firefighters – that was some serious water power, with shrieks of laughter to go with it.

Thankfully no emergency calls came in whilst we were there, so we got to have a good look around the fire engine. The firefighters showed us their tools for cutting up crashed cars, which were really heavy when we tried lifting them, and we had to be careful because they’re super sharp. No look around a fire engine would be complete without a sit inside the fire engine cab; we even got to try on a real helmet whilst we sat amongst all the clothing and kit – that brought a smile to lots of Squirrel faces, just about visible below the huge hat on their heads!

To finish off, we headed inside the station, where a firefighter talked us through his breathing equipment as well as some fire safety advice. He invited one of the parents to dress up in his full firefighting uniform, which went down well with the Squirrels, as they learned the importance of personal protective equipment for his job. 

Of course the very last thing we had to watch was the crew sliding down the pole. We lined up in two rows, and waited for the alarm to be sounded. At lightning speed, three firefighters came racing down the pole from upstairs and ran between our rows to the engine, just like they would in a real emergency.

The whole experience was a great way to end the term, and I have a feeling many of the Squirrels would like to visit again some time.


Did you know our scout hut is the home to a geocache?

Our Geocache, named FBG, hides almost in plain sight, only those who pay attention to the details and are inquisitive enough will stumble upon it. Geocaches are a secret stash, called a cache, including things such as a logbook (like ours) and random items previous hunters have found.

Recently our logbook has filled up in our geocache, with the logbook looking a bit tired, it has been replaced with a fresh one for more people to find.

Our Geocache

Why don’t you try having a look for ours the next time you are around, and if you find it, feel free to write your name!

You can find more information on the geocache website, or directly reveal the hint below. Good luck!

More information about Geocaching

Kandersteg 2023

Every two years, Birmingham County hosts a trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland, during their winter activity week. This year it was jointly run with Girl Guiding, allowing Scouts, Explorers, and Leaders to share their experiences together and have some fun in the snow.

One of our scouts, joined the trip, making sure to tell us about her adventures and experiences. The 9-day trip was packed with different activities, with 3 days dedicated to skiing from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (that must have been exhausting!). The first morning of skiing was a rough start, with her crashing at least five times, but coupled with perseverance and support from the people around her, she managed to fall only once after lunch. The other days weren’t so lucky; she found herself falling over more after lunch than in the morning session. It was pleasantly surprising to see how many strangers stopped to check if she was okay and encouraged her to keep going.

While she was not skiing down the blue slopes, she was taking part in a range of other activities, including hiking and sledding (including a snowball fight on the way back). Quite importantly, they learned about the risks in the mountains and the winter survival skills needed. Ensuring they could keep themselves and others safe and appropriately respond quickly and effectively should anything occur.

In the evenings, they relaxed with a campfire, a quiz, film nights, and a disco! Being able to share their own experiences with others from the trip and make new friends.

We are glad you had fun!